It all began over tea...

Do you have a best friend you can talk about anything with, with no judgment and you find your conversations can last hours without feeling the time pass? 

Do you and your best friend have awesome ideas when you come together?

Do you feel like you two are destined to do good things in the world together? 

Because that’s how the Nantucket Love School was born.  Best friends sitting on a sofa, talking about life over tea realizing that most people are not taught how to have healthy romantic relationships.  
...Love and
Connection changes everything
Realizing that a big root of people not knowing how to have a healthy romantic relationship stems from a big stat; 70% of American adults have experienced some form of trauma at least one time in their lives.  

And really...that trauma is usually in childhood and usually a trauma family cycle.  One generation repeating what the last generation experienced.  We can only do what we know.  

But what if we break the cycle? What happens when we learn something different? 

We jump off of the trauma cycle, break ancestral trauma cycles, heal ourselves, our ancestors, and future generations.  We feel whole. Plus, we bring more love into the world.  

That is the ultimate goal of the Nantucket Love School, to bring more love into the world beginning with ourselves, then our community, then rippling out beyond our island to the world.  

How did we fall in love with what we do?

How anyone falls in love, we felt a connection to the work. That connection fueled research, education, experience and connection. We found that so many people want the same thing; to love and be loved.
And so many people didn't quite know how to love themselves or someone else.  We knew from experience that love is life's greatest adventure!  We wanted to share this love and adventure with others.  It's been the best work.  

What is the work?

Bring more love into the world.  That’s the ultimate goal.  We realized through experience and working with clients that love begins with the self.  Really and truly, that love ripples out.  So does lack of love of self.  So does trauma and activation of trauma.  So does joy. So does peace.  

We knew we have a choice to make on how we would show up in the world.  We wanted to give the space, tools, and support for other people to show up in the world with love.  If a large enough group ripples out love, joy and peace, perhaps that will support change we do desperately need.  

We live in a world where often times doesn’t want to see people succeed, have happiness, or feel good about themselves.  We seem to live in a world that wants to split people up into groups and keep people down.  

We have found at the Nantucket Love School that when students have the safe, brave, and loving space to be themselves they support each other. 
Being an entrepreneur is challenging, why do you think you’re still doing this work after all of these years?
I feel a calling from God.  The way my life has changed and progressed I can see exactly why I experienced the challenges, trauma and heart break I have.  It’s so I can support others that have been through similar situations.  Also, to support breaking patterns, ancestral and social conditioning that keeps the human race from evolving for the highest outcome.  

When humans are at their best, it’s when they support each other, love without conditions, hold space for others to be themselves, and are true to their hearts.  I want to operate at this best, and I would love for others to as well.  I know it can’t and won’t always happen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be at our best.  Whatever that may look like in any given situation. 

What has been your favorite part of the Nantucket Love School? 
That we are just getting started and have already impacted lives.  It keeps me going when a student says we have changed their lives for the better.  
Speaking of keeping you going, what does keep you going?
Right now the students in our weekly circle.  I love this circle of people.  It's always different who shows up.  Sometimes it's no one.  Sometimes it's everyone.  We come together and we support each other.  I love it, because it's not a hierarchy group.  It truly is a circle. We are all equal.  I guide the circle, but if I wasn't there, the group would go on.  They support each other and everyone that comes receives what they need.  
What's one thing you want a student to get out of the Nantucket Love School? 
Can I say love? That's our main goal is to bring more love into the world.  I want a student to walk away feeling love, a sense of joy and peace.  To feel they are able to be their true selves and be on the highest path of their life.  To feel empowered and to love the body they are in.  
What is love to you?
Great question!  Love is so much.  It depends on the context.  In some languages there are many words for the different kinds of love people may experience.  For me, in regards to the Nantucket Love School, Love is peace, contentment, with a splash of feel good joy.  
What else do people need to know about the Nantucket Love School? 
We make the Nantucket Love School as accessible as possible.  Zoom has closed captioning, our price point is doable and we have scholarships for those that are not able to afford $26 a month.
We know we are not for everyone and we are not trying to be for everyone.  We do want to be available to the people that feel a connection to us.
You've been adding more pleasure workshops and content over the years, why this change? 
I have been obsessed with sex since I was little.  Knowing what I know now, I realize sex has always been part of my purpose coming to Earth at this time.  I wrote about sex and relationships and was known as a sex writer a decade ago.  I had so much joy during that time writing and researching about sex.  I moved away from it because of the people around me at the time wanting me to not talk about sex in public.  That was an important lesson to learn.  I now know I compromised myself and my purpose to keep the peace in a relationship.  I hope I never do that again.
Now, I know, it's important to talk about sex.  Sex is important.  Pleasure is important. These are conversations we should be having that we are not.
We want our kids to have healthy romantic relationships but we aren't setting them up for success with it comes to sex and pleasure.
Many of us aren't set up for success.  Intimacy is learned.  It's not innate within us humans.    
What are you looking forward to with the Nantucket Love School
I'm looking forward to pleasure workshops.  I am looking forward to sharing my two loves; Spirit and sex with others.  I have been researching, learning, practicing various modalities and methods and I am so excited to share them with students.
Right now I have begun with Empowered and Embodied. It's a two part workshop for connecting with spirit and pleasure.  Students will learn how to unblock themselves sexually.  How cool is that?!?!
I had one student, when the dual workshop came out, mention how powerful the workshops were for them.  They immediately felt the events and felt a healing.
I'm excited to keep sharing what I have learned about Spirit and pleasure.
If you could change one thing about the Nantucket Love School, what would it be?
I would have started sooner.  I would have been braver with bringing pleasure forward sooner.  

The History 
The Nantucket Love School was founded by Dorothy Stover, 7th Generation Nantucketer, in 2018 after the death of Dorothy's mother, Catherine Flanagan Stover.
Dorothy a former Love & Dating Coach as well as Matchmaker realized with the death of her mother she was at an all time low but her purpose became clearer, We need more love in the world and that love begins with ourselves and ripples out to our communities and then the world.

She used her knowledge of love and relationships to develop courses and workshops to not only support students tap into love, but also healing and self-empowerment.

The Mission
The Overall mission of the Nantucket Love School is to bring more love into the world.
Nantucket Love School is always evolving.  The mission will always be love and the approach adjusts as growth continues. 

Right now, the Nantucket Love School is focused on supporting students and members tap into their intuitive, powerful, highest version of themselves.  
We believe in connecting with Spirit (higher power) and combining pleasure (sex & intimacy) for a greater self of self-love, connection to romantic partners, as well as other living beings, while simultaneously healing themselves and thriving in all areas of their life.

Not only that, but coming together to support fellow students on their own love journey.
Powerful stuff if we do say so!
(We know so!)

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