Brining more love into the world
Free to be you
We love those that feel different.  Those that feel they don't quite fit into any or every box that society tells them to fit in.
We love the dreamers.
The good trouble makers.
We love those that follow their hearts
This community is perfect for those that know they have psychic abilities or want to have them.  Maybe you've always loved having intuitive readings done like angel cards, mediumship, or having your tea leafs read.  If that's you, you're in the right place!

Deeper Connections
Studies show that addiction and trauma can be healed as well as avoided with deeper connections.
We are striving to create a safe, brave space for students to connect to not only themselves but to other like minded women.
Our weekly intuitive circle is the most popular part of Nantucket Love School.  For a good reason too!  We come together once a week to show love and support each other on our own journey's.  It's a powerful and beautiful space.  Plus, we do intuitive readings for each other so that we can tap into divine guidance. 

Combining Spirit & Pleaure
Spirit + Pleasure = Love, Connection, & Transformation
We have found combining Spirit (Connection to a higher power, divine guidance) with Pleasure (sex, self-pleasure, and part pleasure) leads to a greater sense of love for one’s self, other humans (regardless if the relationship is platonic or romantic), and transformation in all areas of one’s life.
Combining Spirit and pleasure leads to a sense of empowerment and embodiment.  

Not only in the bedroom but out of the bedroom.
A greater sense of love and healing is a powerful result in Nantucket Love School

Can you heal, grow, and thrive because of pleasure?
Yes!  We have found pleasure to be one of the most effective ways to heal one's self and experience a deep sense of love to the self and to others.
This is why pleasure is important part of Nantucket Love School moving forward. 

Want to join us?
Yes I do!