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Who is a sacred sexual  women?
She's the ultimate best self that experiences pleasure and joy in all forms, connected to Spirit, and lives in alignment with her highest self and God.
She feels ALIVE & connected to herself, bringing a deep sense of appreciation to her life & her body. 

Her superpower is, she transmutes pain into pleasure. 

Within you lives a sacred sexual women, ready to unravel a new chapter of pleasure, to relish in the gift of life. 

For the warrior women who embrace sitting with the uncomfortable moments for the ultimate gift of deep healing, massive breakthroughs, pure pleasure, & personal expansion. 

This next doorway is for you 

You are the first wave in a new Sexual Evolution 
One that doesn’t define pleasure for you
One that unbinds from societal ideas of what it means to own your pleasure. 
One that allows for a new era of absolute empowerment, greater creativity, & safety to express 

I know you might feel like a failure (orgasmically) in the bedroom 
You can’t get out of your head which leads you to guilty & then you start to feel like sex is a chore…

Quickie sex culture has told us that the end result is what matters, & that’s like eating junk food…. enjoyable & easy, but if you’re only filling yourself with junk food you’re not going to feel good.

The Sacred Sexual Women's Circle

"This is so much more than orgasms and better sex. It was that for sure! Also, everything in my life changed. I now ask for what I need, and don't feel guilty or shame around asking.  I share and hold my boundaries. I experience pleasure everyday for pleasure's sake."
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Sacred Sexual Women's Circle Student
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It's Time
You're ready

Time to dive into a pleasurable life where sex brings you into an intimate experience that has you bursting at the seams, energized and fully ALIVE. A full on, 5 star 4 course meal. 

To know how powerful sex is, how powerful you are
A divine feminine. 

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Nora Costello shares her experience with the Sacred Sexual Women's Circle

This is The Embodied Sacred Sexual Women 
an 8 week course for deep self discovery & self pleasure.

Our bodies are built for pleasure.
The path of the sacred sexual woman is for the woman that wants ease with her healing and expansion.  She wants to experience joy and pleasure in her everyday life.  To feel connected not only to her body, her Higher Self, and Spirit, but also feel powerful connections to others.

Imagine looking at your body in the mirror and not feeling the years and life has betrayed you.  To look at your body, the same body you had yesterday, yet you feel so much appreciation, gratitude, and love for.

It doesn’t require you take a magic pill, or eat a certain way or exercises all day.

No, you’re falling in love with your body, you’re using pleasure to heal and love your body.  You’re finding space to sit with yourself, and allow what is holding you back to be released so that you can live in alignment with your highest self.

You feel powerful in your body.  You know nothing has changed besides strengthening your connection with Spirit and your body.  

Imagine discovering new ways to experience pleasure in your body and after a full pleasure session with yourself, feeling your whole body vibrating and your mind flowing with creativity.  

Imagine knowing how to heal yourself using pleasure. 

The Sacred Sexual Women's Circle
Eight Two Hour Sessions
All Sessions are recorded for you to watch and rewatch.
Session 1 - Wednesday, July 27th 5pm to 7pm Eastern - New Moon Ritual

Session 2 - Tuesday, August 2nd 6:30 to 8:30pm Eastern - Creating a Sacred Space

Session 3 - Thursday, August 10th 6:30 to 8:30pm Eastern -  Foundations of pleasure

Session 4 - Thursday, August 18th 6:30 to 8:30pm Eastern - 20+ pleasure techniques

Session 5 - Thursday, August 25th 6:30 to 8:30pm Eastern - Foundations of Spirit

Session 6 - Thursday, September 1st 6:30 to 8:30pm Eastern - Using Pleasure for healing, creativity, and expansion

Session 7 - Thursday, September 7th 6:30 to 8:30pm eastern - Full Pleasure Practice

Session 8 - Wednesday, September 14th 6:30 to 8:30pm - Deeper meaning

The Complete circle is worth over $5000
Access until January 1st to all past and present Nantucket Love School courses and workshops for love, relationships, and Spirit as well as the popular Monday night Intuitive Development Group.

This bonus is worth over $1000

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Hi I'm Dorothy
After experiencing sexual trauma as a child and teenager, I checked out of my body.  I was afraid to connect with my partner, to be vulnerable.  I used to only be able to have sex if I had been on some form of mind alternating substance.  I didn’t want to sit with myself or my body.  

When I realized I couldn’t live this way and I didn’t want to live this way, I shifted my life towards love.  

I began loving myself unapologetically.  I was ruthless who I let into my energetic field.  I also followed love.  If I felt love for it, I followed the love down a rabbit hole.  Which lead me to researching and studying love, sex and relationships.  

I began writing about sex and relationships.  I found that so many people wanted to talk about sex, but felt uncomfortable.  Sex is a taboo subject.  Why?  

Sex is so powerful and our bodies are built for pleasure.  Most of us want to feel the physical connection.  

 - Featured in - 
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FAQ...aka Frequently
Asked Questions
Where is the circle held online or in person?

At the moment we meet online via zoom and everything is recorded for you to watch and rewatch. There is also love work that you do between circles.

I've experienced trauma from the religious group I was part of, does this circle have any religious ties?
The circle does not have a religious affiliation.  Personally, I have a Catholic background and I still go to church, but  I don't agree with a lot of the church.  I personally believe in faith freedom.   I believe it's very important for people to explore their faith and that its a personal experience and journey.  Not something that can be forced.
My mother used to say to me, "Faith is caught not taught."
In regards to the circle we talk about Spirit.  This really is about that there is a higher power.  Some people say Universe, some people say God, Some say Source, etc.
The circle is really about your own experience.  I will share information and education, but this is one part of the journey.  The rest is yours and the circle gives space for you to be you and show up with your own beliefs and values.
In fact, this adds so much value when people come to with different viewpoints and ideas.

The circle sounds amazing, but I don't feel comfortable with being with others because the topic is so personal and feels way too vulnerable.  What do you suggest? 
I take safety and privacy very seriously.  As someone myself that can be very private or not want to be seen, I get why someone would want the same. The circle honors this.

In past circles, there are students that just watch the replays and don't come to the live circles as well as students that come to the live circles don't have their video on and use a different name.  This all allows for more privacy, and when a student feels ready or wants to they can join the live circles at any time.

Also, part of the circle is to honor boundaries and where someone is at on their healing journey.
One of the first sessions we create a safe space to learn by coming up with our own working agreements as a circle.  Part of past circle agreements is what is said in the circle stays in the circle.  Safety is very important because we are sharing parts of ourselves and we need to know the space is sacred and safe for all.  We strive for this.
I'm a man, and I think my wife would really love to be in this circle.  What do you suggest? 
The circle benefits many women for sure that are ready to embark on using pleasure for healing and are looking to deepen their relationship of self and their relationship with other people.
You could do one of two things.
One option is to share this page with her, share loveblog posts, my social media, or Nantucket After Dark podcast episodes you believe she would feel connected to and allow her to make the decision in her own time.

The second option is you could Share this page with her and let her know that you would gift her the circle if she wanted to join.

This journey can't be forced.  You can be supportive.  In fact, the sacred sexual man is very supportive, allows the safe space for the sacred sexual woman to explore, is giving to his partner, and supports her healing through pleasure. Patience is key to the sacred sexual man.
In the description of the sessions you mention that one session will go over the 20+ ways for massage and pleasure, but on social media you mention there are over 50 ways for massage and pleasure.  Will you go over all 50? 
Yes!  I say 20+ because I don't want to overwhelm as well as I want to overdeliver.  There are over 30 plus ways to experience an orgasm.  Most of which don't include the genitalia.  So those that have never experienced an orgasm before there is a great chance the way this person would experience pleasure or an orgasm might look differently than the typical, societal standard of how one reaches an orgasm.  Ie; vaginally or clitorial.
I strive to support students with pleasure and my hope is that students leave the circle each week not only learning something new but feeling like they are getting more for their money.  That this was the best investment they have ever made on themselves.  That's my goal and hope! 
I have never experienced an orgasm and think I'm just not built that way, how will this benefit me? 
Yes, this course may benefit you greatly!  studies show that 5% of women are not able to orgasm but more importantly than that, I'm not sure how the studies are gaging this, because many women don't know how to activate their pleasure centers.  This circle you'll learn how to activate your pleasure centers.
So even if you have never experienced an orgasm, and perhaps your body isn't built for an orgasm as you say, you'll still be able to unblock, unlock, and unbind yourself sexually to experience more pleasure.
FYI. The circle has included students in the past that were not able to experience an orgasm and through this circle and what they learned they were able to!  There is hope for sure.
What is your guarentee and are there refunds? 
I cannot guarantee anything.  This circle I share education and experience, but it's always the student that does the work.  Sometimes the work is not overnight or even completed by the end of the eight weeks.  Sometimes, the work takes longer than expected.  I do believe if you keep at the practices you will learn inside the circle, you'll experience great transformation.  I've been it before!  It's truly magical the shifts one can make with these practices.

There are also no refunds, Because this is information past on that a student can do with what they like, it's important to honor the energy exchange.  I show up for you and I expect you to show up when you're ready and able to.  If you're not able to join a circle that you signed up for, please reach out and you can join another circle in the future.
How is the circle set up? 
We meet once a week for eight weeks via zoom.  Classes are about two hours.  Sometimes less, sometimes more.  All classes are recorded for you to watch and rewatch. 
Im not able to make it to every circle, what do I do? 
After each circle you'll receive an email with the Love Work as well as the replay from circle.  Do the love work and watch the replay when you're able to.
If you feel like you've fallen behind, you can still come to circle.  The circle is open and it's nice to be with everyone regards of where you are at on the journey.
Know that you're not truly behind.  You are on your own journey and everything is happening in divine timing and as it should for the highest outcome.
Sometimes, our Spirit teams pause us for whatever reason and then we come back to the lessons when the time is right.  Don't worry about falling behind. Do the work when you're able to.  The timing is always right.
Who is the Sacred Sexual women's Circle not for? 
The sacred sexual women's circle can be very beneficial for many women, but for the following people may not be connected or resonate with.
Those that don't believe in a higher power. We talk about God inside the circle and part of the pleasure practice we do call upon God.  If the word God is triggering for you or you don't believe in a higher power, this probably isn't the best circle for you.
If you are still very new on your healing journey after experiencing trauma.  We share many tools inside the sacred sexual women's circle that are supportive for healing after experiencing trauma, but this isn't the only tool one would want to use.  Specific spaces such as therapy, group therapy, and other healing modalities are important on one's healing journey.  If you have experienced trauma, but have never been to therapy or done any healing work around the trauma, this may not be the circle for you because this isn't a therapy group.  This is an educational circle.  Which is very supportive and aids in healing but is not the only healing modality or a therapy group. We most certainly do share and hold space for each other as we navigate these healing waters.
Financially, how did you come to the price and what if I am not able to afford the circle? 
For a one to one session with me for sex and spirit education is $250 an hour, which is a tailored program I create that includes personal love work.  The sacred sexual women's circle is an affordable option because this program would be over $4000 if it was one to one.  Also, the group setting is super beneficial because when women come together to support and heal, they do this by 10x the power of that support and healing capabilities.  It's incredible.
We do offer scholarships as well as payment plans.  If the current payment plan doesn't work for you, please email me at and we can see what we can do to find a payment plan that does.
Past students have contributed to a scholarship for future students.  These are limited.  If you're interested in a scholarship, here is the application.
How much time will I need to put in? 
That is up to you.  Circle is usually two hours each week, and love work will take you about 20 to 90 minutes each week.  
I'm a man and I want to join the circle. 
At this time the circle is for vulva owners. If you're a trans-man and haven't had bottom surgery, you may find this circle is beneficial for you.  Please be aware I do say women and the circle is focused on the feminine energy.  All humans have masculine and feminine energy, this circle focuses on the feminine energy in one's self.
If you're a cis-man and have a penis, this circle is not for you.  I do plan on having a circle for the sacred sexual man someday because I have had so many men express interest, but at this time I do not have a timeline in mind.  Please join The Love Letter to stay up to date. 
What do students wish they knew before joining? 
Great question!  Students have said they wished they knew what they learned when they were growing up.  They wished they knew that this is more than just pleasure, orgasms or sex.  It's also about how everything is connected and this work will effect their whole life.  They wished they started sooner. And for some students they wished they made the work more a priority because of the changes they did see when they started dedicating more to the pleasure practices. 
Questions? Reach out to me